Hey there, thanks for visiting our site. We’re the Reeds; or if you prefer to go by first name basis, Faith and Andrew. I’m a writer and a dreamer, with a big heart and a curious mind, while my husband is the more practical one (except for the occasional mad idea, like traveling the USA in a trailer) who is an all round awesome human and kickass photographer, and can basically fix anything.

We got married on the beaches of San Diego on February 29th, 2016, after knowing each other only 11 short days, and now we’re heading out on the open roads of the good ol’ USA with a truck and our trailer.

But this isn’t just an ordinary travel blog about a vagabonding couple…

…I mean, we’re not doing anything particularly unique or revolutionary, but we hope that our content, and our journey, expands your ideas of what’s possible, as it has for us already.

This blog was built to show you that you can in fact, have it all – the big adventures, the sustainable lifestyle, and all the luxuries that this life has to offer. We work as we travel (but not too much), we find ways to play everyday – from exploring the great outdoors, to enjoying all the finer things in life – and we choose to take exceptional care of ourselves and our planet as we go.

Beyond our relationship, we share an intimate desire for personal growth and the strong motivation to positively affect our beautiful planet and enrich the lives of others along the way. We share the belief that all dreams are possible, and in taking these kinds of leaps and sharing our story, we aim to inspire others to follow their own dreams.

Thanks for following our story – we hope you find the content valuable and we look forward to your feedback and comments 🙂